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There is a bit of reading involved before you submit your site to the directory. (Please, bear with me.) I will be starting with a basic introduction followed by the directory rules. If you have already gone through the rules once before, feel free to skim over them.

Different types of sites.

This directory showcases three (3) different kinds of fansites: Shrines, Fanlistings, and General Fansites. You may be wondering what the difference is for each or concerned about where your site falls into the mix.

A Shrine is a very specific type of website (also known as fansite, tribute, or character study, to name a few) that focuses in depth on a character, series, topic, or anything else the owner can think of. Shrines are usually text-heavy and hold more personal opinions rather than news or general wiki-type information. Shrines vary greatly as each owner has their own personal style but the core of the site is fairly similar.

A Fanlisting is a website that lists fans of a particular subject. Fanlistings may, or may not, hold information on the subject. Fanlistings differ from shrines in that regard. Still, they are representations of the creator's strong feelings for the subject.

A General Fansite is a fansite that does not fit in either two aforementioned categories. A general fansite is usually, but not always, a large source of information and news for fans. They tend to focus more on a series than a character and have a large variety of pages. Sometimes, if they hold more personal pieces, they can be lumped into the "shrine" category.

I have chosen to list all these sorts of sites here. Though they have their differences, they are sites that focus on the creator's passion for the subject and may be of interest to those who are visiting.

Directory rules.

Before submitting your site, you must have read all of the following rules:

I reserve the authority to reject your application if it does not fit the above criteria or you do not follow the rules.

Submit form.

Enough reading! Make sure to grab a code and then submit your site! If the form doesn't seem to be working for some bizzare reason then feel free to contact me about it. If you wish to update your information you can also use this form for that––just be sure to let me know in the comments box!



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