About the site.

What's Your Type? was largely inspired by the two awesome Pokémon cliques currently online. After seeing them I wanted to make one, too, but I knew another clique where you could claim a Pokémon was out of the question. As a result I tried to think of a few alternate ideas I could do. A couple ideas came to mind: one where you could claim your special move and another for your type. After getting a few opinions the Pokémon type idea was the more popular choice. I have to say I agree. It is pretty rad. Although it took some time to get myself started with it––like several months!––I was able to open it on July 29, 2014!

Currently we are on version 2 of the site which features the Pokémon Vulpix! It was made by me using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and then coded by hand using Notepad. The images used were found at The Pokémon Wiki and patterns used were default with Photoshop. Fonts used are called BrockScript, AR ESSENCE, and Calisto MT which were all default with my computer. The lyrics used around the site are from the song "What Kind of Pokémon Are You?" from the soundtrack Pokémon 2.B.A. Master. Previous layouts used may be found at my layout archive.

Those affiliated with us.

Below you'll find totally awesome sites currently affiliated with What's Your Type?. Don't forget to check them out! If you are interested in affiliation feel free to contact me. Please note I will only affiliate with other joinable-type sites.

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