My thoughts.

Grass-type Pokémon are something I have always been iffy with, and although they will occasionally find their way onto my team––mostly it's just for Cut purposes though––it wasn't until I learned about Deerling and Sawsbuck that I actually found myself wanting to use a Grass-type Pokémon all the time. Even in a playthrough where I chose Snivy as my starter Pokémon I still had to have Sawsbuck on my team (I normally try to avoid overlapping types).

I had known about its pre-form, Deerling, since before Pokémon Black/White was released here in North America and thought it was rather cute. After time passed and I learned more about it I decided it was a Pokémon I wanted on my team. So after the game was released and I bought it my mind was set on catching one. Although it took a while to get one as it was a fair ways away, I used my Exp-Share to help it catch up to the rest of my team and when it was high enough to fight on its own I loved it even more. Then when Deerling evolved into Sawsbuck that was it.

While it doesn't really have the best defenses, its high Attack Power and Speed make it pretty kick ass. Even its weaknesses don't seem to matter too much as it proved to me in the Flying Pokémon gym where my Sawsbuck took on every single trainer by itself! Since then it has become an invaluable member of my team and one of my favorite Pokémon ever.

Another thing, too, as I couldn't find anywhere else to fit this into the site, is my favorite Sawsbuck form is its Winter form. Kinda unusual considering winter is my least favorite season, but I just think it's the coolest (no pun intended) looking form out of them all. I guess I'm weird like that.