Possible origins.

Like so many other Pokémon Sawsbuck appears to have its name and appearance based off of something or another. While some are more obvious than others it is still interesting to figure out and learn more about. Here are some interesting things that I've discovered about Sawsbuck.

Père David's Deer Sawsbuck's physical appearance obviously resembles a deer. One such deer could be that of a Père David's Deer that decorates its antlers with foliage during the breeding season. It is also possible that Sawsbuck's antlers are based off of a deciduous tree due to the fact that they change depending on the season. In my opinion the latter sounds more likely because of Sawsbuck's changing depending on the season and the fact that is also a Grass-type. Whatever the case its still a pretty cool looking Pokémon.

Sawsbuck's name is a little more interesting. Sawsbuck's name could come from sawbuck, a device used to hold rough wood so that it can be sawn. The saws part of its name could also be an acronym of the name of the seasons––summer, autumn, winter, spring––and then with buck added, meaning male deer––although Sawsbuck can be female too (personally though I like this idea better). Its Japanese name, Mebukijika, is likely a combination of mebuki, to bud, and shika, deer, which I find to be a fitting name for this Pokémon as well.