The basics.

Spring Form Name: Sawsbuck (English), メブキジカ Mebukijika (Japanese)
Type: Normal/Grass
Species: Season Pokémon
Pokédex: #092 / #160 (Unova), #586 (National)
Height: 6'03" / 1.9m
Weight: 203.9lbs / 92.5kg
Abilities: Chlorophyll, Sap Sipper, Serene Grace (Hidden)
Damage Taken: Is weak against Fighting, Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire and Ice-type attacks; takes normal damage from Normal, Rock, Steel, Psychic, Dragon, Dark and Fairy-type attacks; is resistant to damage from Ground, Water, Grass and Electric-type attacks; is immune to damage from Ghost-type attacks.

Sawsbuck is a generation V Pokémon which makes its debut in Pokémon Black/White for the Nintendo DS. It is a Normal/Grass-type and is the final form of Deerling. It will evolve from Deerling upon reaching level 34. Sawsbuck can be both male and female and strangely there is no known visible differences between genders.

Sawsbuck's physical appearance resembles a deer. It is a unique Pokémon that can change its appearance according to the seasons in Pokémon Black/White and Pokémon Black 2/White 2, a trait shared only by its pre-evolved form, Deerling. The majority of its body fur is dark brown in color with a lighter brown on the bottom of its face, chest, and legs. On its face and body there are yellow fur stripes which separate the dark and light brown colors. On Sawsbuck's back are 2-3 spots which can be pink, green, red, or white depending on the season. The same goes with the foliage seen on its antlers and the fluffy bit of fur on its chest which has a different look each season.

When comparing Sawsbuck to its shiny form there isn't really that much difference. It's almost disappointing to be honest. The only real difference is the dark fur is now a lighter brown (almost orange-looking) and the light brown underbelly looks an almost pale yellow (maybe even a sort of beige). The yellow stripes look like a brigher yellow color. The color of the foliage on its antlers appear to be unchanged.