My thoughts.

How I came to love this Pokémon is a bit of a funny story as I never thought much about it when I first saw Buneary or Lopunny in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl (I oftentimes forget these Pokémon were introduced in this generation). Even in future games I kinda forgot about them. So what's changed?

Well, one day not that long ago my sister was playing Pokémon Shuffle and I think she was cooking some food for herself and she asked me if I wanted to play for her. I had been curious about the game at the time so I decided to try it out. I was a bit thrown off at first as the game plays similar to Pokémon Battle Trozei (which is what I usually play) but was a bit slower paced. It wasn't hard to catch onto though. She had me battling a Mega Altaria and Lopunny was her lead Pokémon. When it Mega Evolved I thought it looked awesome. Although that alone wasn't enough to convince me to go out and get a Lopunny right away in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire it definitely piqued my interest.

While leveling some Pokémon as I did Secret Base stuff I decided to bring a Buneary with me. When it hit level 44 I was wondering why it wasn't evolving yet only to realize it evolves by friendship. Thinking I was close I kept at it until about level 57 when it still hadn't evolved. As a result I went back into the Safari Zone to catch myself a couple Buneary for breeding purposes. Once I found one with one of the two natures I desired I took them to the Daycare Center and gave the female an Everstone. Then I bred myself a couple to make sure at least one of them had inherited the nature from the mother (both of them had it so yay).

With my baby Buneary in hand I did everything possible to raise up its friendship in order to avoid having what happened to my last Buneary happen again with this one. I played with it in Pokemon Amie, gave it a Soothe Bell as its held item, gave it massages, and I fed it Protein, Carbos, and HP Up to raise its Attack, Speed, and HP respectively. Then I flew to Route 101 and started battling wild Pokémon with my Buneary. Next thing I knew it evolved into Lopunny as soon as it hit level 2 and I was using Mega Evolution!

I must say I am completely smitten with Lopunny. It is absolutely adorable and some of its animations in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire make me giggle. I swear it looks like an anime girl after it attacks as it brushes its long ears out of its face like hair in both its normal form and Mega Evolved form. In Pokémon Amie it even does that cute little thing anime girls do with their hips when its happy. It's so cute! I can't help but feel like a geeky fangirl every time I play with it or use it in battle. *cough*