All Pokémon have their name and appearance derived from something and I find the origins of Lopunny's name and appearance fasinating––even if I was a bit weirded out at first. I find some things you just can't take seriously and just go with it instead. Here's a few things I found out.

Firstly is Lopunny's appearance. At first glance it is obvious to see that Lopunny is based off of a rabbit––or perhaps more specifically a lop rabbit whose ears hang down rather than straight up. Another thing too is that its appearance could be based off of the Playboy Bunny or other bunny girls (or Kemonomimi, meaning "animal ears") commonly seen in popular culture, due to its humanoid appearance and could probably explain its girlish personality and cry. Either seem likely to me but truthfully the Playboy Bunny thing weirded me out when I first read about it (I think just because I thought it was something other than girls dressing up in rabbit outfits at clubs). I'm just amused now. Lopunny's appearance could also be based off of a female fashion model due to its fluffy wrists and legs which appear kinda like fur or faux fur-cuffed gloves and boots, but that doesn't hit me as funny though so I don't like it near as much.

As for Lopunny's name its really simple. So simple that I'm not sure why I'm talking about it other than to fill up some space on this page. But yes, it English name is a combination of the words lop and bunny. Its Japanese name, Mimilop, it is a combination of the words 耳 mimi (meaning ear) and lop. I like it!