My thoughts.

Unfortunately all of the details on how I came to like Milotic––or even how I was introduced to it for that matter––have been completely forgotten (my memory fails like that). Despite that though it is still one of my absolute favorite Pokémon ever. I think the thing that made it appeal to me most was the fact of how hard it was (and still is) to get. First I had to find one of the six locations that I could fish up a Feebas in and then I had to catch several just to make sure I had one with a nature that likes blue Pokéblocks and then get its beauty up high enough so that it would evolve, which is actually kinda tricky to do. Nowadays nature isn't such a big deal and all you have to do is trade it with a hold item. Where's the fun in that?

Another reason why I like this Pokémon is the way it looks. It is absolutely gorgeous, and, well, I seem to have this thing with pretty things. It's a common trend with characters I like. *cough* But yeah, in addition to this it is also a powerhouse and with the right moveset it is a force to be reckoned with, making it all the more awesome. I've been able to play with it again in Pokémon X thanks to a friend trading me one, but I didn't really do much with it outside of the Battle Chateau. In Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, however, I was able to relive the old days with the Pokémon contests and its old method of evolution. You would not believe how excited that made me. It was like falling in love with Milotic all over again. I love Milotic to death, and probably will for a good many years yet.