My thoughts.

When I first played Pokémon Ruby however many years ago it was (it was way too many I know that much) I remember helping Wally capture a Ralts and found myself needing to catch one for myself too. I thought it was the cutest looking Pokémon and after eventually evolving it into a Gardevoir it instantly became a favorite of mine, not to mention a mandatory member of my team whenever possible. I love it so much!

I think one of the reasons why I love this Pokémon as much as I do is because it's green. I absolutely love the color green––the shade doesn't even matter; I love them all! Besides that though it also has a beautiful and graceful look to it and I'm a sucker for beautiful and graceful things. I have no idea why. It just seems to be a common trend among female characters I like––even if Gardevoir can technically be male also. I just prefer to have mine as female so I tend to classify it as such (also if I want a male I'd take Gallade instead).

So obviously when I learned I could get a Gardevoir in Pokémon X/Y I was pretty excited, especially considering its presence felt like it was missing in every game since Pokémon Emerald. What excited me most though was that it gained the Fairy-type and I really wanted to try out that type (I did consider getting a Sylveon for that purpose but I never got that far, plus at the time I didn't really understand how to get it). Though I didn't get to play around with the Fairy part much until getting the Dazzling Gleam TM from defeating Valerie, the gym leader of the Laverre Gym (which is already super late into the game) I still loved the learning how to use this Pokémon all over again.